Will - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports


As I flip through the stations on TV, I’m glad to see variety among many of America’s classic sporting events and teams. There was everything from football to horse racing on. Such variety is fantastic, yet they leave one sport out completely until its season rolls around. Lacrosse, can only be found, on rare occasion even when the season is in session. As America’s oldest sport I believe that it should get some more recognition and lose the title of the most underrated sports.

Of course I’m not just complaining about the lack of air time on TV, but rather that in general lacrosse is a sport that is being looked over entirely. With it being one of our oldest sports, there are many who still ask the questions, “What sport do you play,” or, “what is lacrosse?” This is amazing too me. The sport alone has such a rich background, based around the beginning of the sport and the Native Americans who began it. Like the sport itself, they too are forgotten.

Lacrosse, however, is now becoming the fastest growing sport in America. The game has picked itself up through out the states even venturing its way to the south and along the west coast. Like with most sports, every area plays the game a little different from the others. The Midwest for example, a football based area, has incorporated the game of football into many aspects of lacrosse with explosive hitting and heavy lifting. The east coast tends to focus on stick skills and working plays, and passing offenses. But of course they were born with a stick in hand and ready to play.

I feel this is our last sport in which the players play and compete for the sport, and not the money they could make. Professionals do not get paid like any football player, or baseball player, and many of them have to hold down a second job. This, to me, shows tremendous love for the game that you couldn’t find anywhere else, where men follow the motto of “live, lax, and love.”

Now being a player of this great game, I feel somewhat looked at with question and doubt. My friends and I are constantly asked why we don’t play a “regular” sport like football, basketball, or baseball. Personally, those sports get too much credit, granted they are sports that make up most of America’s past time. Lacrosse was here first, and it’s lacrosse that is climbing in the ranks among all of these sports that have lost some of their flair.

So this motto and the men who follow it are a model of inspiration to those who do play the game. It reminds many of us that we need to show the people of our game and how truly great it is. Many people are too ignorant and feel more comfortable with what they know. I say, bring your lacrosse stick wherever you go, and make your own mark on others by showing the life of “living, laxing, and loving.”