In Fish I Believe

Brookes - La Grange, Illinois
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Brookes W

Mrs. Manthei

IPC Accel 2

17 February 2008

In Fish I Believe

I believe in the nostalgic proverb of fishing folklore, “Tis a dark day, tis a dark bait, tis a bright day, tis a bright bait.” Not only do I use this out on the lake, I also find it avid for myself to use this adage in the off season. When the sun does not shine, a fish would not expect to dine with another of bright colors, but to dine with another very much so the same. When the sun does nothing but shine, one fish will prepare itself to dine with another fish full of color. In my past experiences, I have discovered that this fishing proverb can be very true among people.

As I woke up one day, it was to my disappointment that it was dark, cloudy, rainy, and my bed felt nun too comfortable. Because the day was dark, so was I. I had made arrangements with my friend that day to play racket ball. I called him to see if he was in the mood to still play racket ball, because I sure wasn’t. He answered in a surprisingly cheerful voice. I was so shocked by the mood he was in on a crummy day as it was; I had decided that I didn’t like it. It made me rather mad that he was in a state of well being that I desired to be in. I then answered in a crude knarled voice, and canceled racket ball.

Ironically, the same exact situation fell upon me the very next day. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I felt fresh and recharged. I had received the perfect amount of sleep, and I was ready to start the day with a positive attitude. I exuberantly came downstairs, looking forward to what I was to choose for breakfast, when my mom began to gripe at me. She complained that because I had gotten up just a little bit late, my dad did not hear me come downstairs so he was not alarmed that it was time to get up for work. Because my dad was now going to be late for work, he started to be sour toward my mom, who then took it out on me. So I began to defend myself a little bit, “There is such a thing as an alarm clock.” I foolishly replied out of place. Arguing the point just made me angry. I realized what seemed like a good day just rotted away because my parents did not think it was so.

I believe that the quality of the day greatly affects the quality of the mood. From fish and bait to humans and moods, bright colors may come in many different shades of grey. Although very difficult, one must be aware of the ways that the world will impact you positively and negatively. In my opinion, only you can be you. I always try to remember that my shade of grey will never be exactly the same as your shade of grey.