steroids whats next?

Kyle - countryside, Illinois
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Kyle H


I believe

They can either help your career by propelling you to the top of your game or have it come crashing down on you. Some of the worlds finest athletes use them, why I don’t know? Steroids they have become more and more popular throughout the years branching to many different sports. Steroids ruin peoples’ lives, they kill reputations and just totally, totally wreck the body beyond belief. They have even been causes for many murders and suicides. I believe that steroids or any form of performance enhancing drugs should be banned not only from all sports but, banned all together. What I want to know is, who is making these drugs and why are they doing it. If they’re in it for the money than they will be broke pretty soon because sports is cracking down really hard on steroids. It is not just professional sports either. Starting this year there will be drug tests for high school athletes, yeah I said high school how crazy is that. Some kids haven’t even hit puberty yet and they are getting tested for steroids. Wow the sports world has sunk to an all time low in my eyes. I play sports at LT and I don’t really see anyone that could be or even considered to be on any sort of performing enhancing drugs. So with that being said every time I see a professional athlete convicted for steroid use I will just wonder what kind of example they are setting for the kids that look up to them. Their favorite player going to jail because he wanted five more hits or yards which is pretty sad. So if want to get bigger, stronger, faster do it the clean way with hard work and motivation. Thank you.