This I Believe…Honesty and Trust

Thomas - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe….Honesty and Trust

The basis of civilization was not built upon deceitfulness or disrespect. The world of today was built upon a foundation of honesty and truth, which are two key factors in the success of human relations. I believe that honesty and trust are essential aspects in any form of communication from those as simple as a small child being told to only take a certain amount of cookies from the jar, or to more complex relationships such that of marriage or in the workplace. The responsibility of being honest and trustworthy belongs to both parties of the relationship and I believe that these too items are what holds the bonds of friendship or any other type of connection of persons, together. I strongly believe in order to have a loving and successful friendship or other relation; honesty and trust are key factors and elements. I stand by this argument due to a personal conflict that has brought me to this belief.

Friendship between two people involves the entire spectrum of honesty, trust, reliability, respect, and the passion and love for one another. However, when one of these parts of the spectrum is broken, the friendship is tested and often burns down in flames. I recently experienced this break down of a friendship. My friend and I had gotten into a disagreement about a topic that has since left my memory. In this conflict I had spoken my mind about my views on the situation or topic we were in disagreement of, but my friend seemed to hold something back. As time went on, I became aware that my friend had been talking behind my back and had been making rude remarks without telling me their feelings straight to my face. This enraged me beyond belief. I believe that talking behind a person’s back is ridiculous and disrespectful. This action breaks all honesty within the relationship. In turn, it also obliterates the trust that friends have for each other to not repeat what they have said within conversation in the form of rumors in which many more people hear and receive the wrong type of message or vibe. Although I have in the past been guilty of these traits as well, I have made the effort to cease and if I catch myself conveying these actions, I apologize to the person and tell them what is on my mind. This breakdown of honesty and trust between my friend and I has caused me to never look at them the same. I believe that the breaking of honesty and trust had crushed this relationship and the reconstruction process will take a long time.

Honesty and trust are the most key factors in friendships as well as any other human bond and once they are broken, the relationship results in a sharp downward spiral. Successful relationships depend on these aspects, and therefore I believe in honesty and trust. This I believe.