I believe in Live Music

Chris - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

For three days at the end of May in 2007 I was immersed into a completely different culture. A culture guided not by the laws of a powerful dictator or an elected president of the people, but a culture that was under the charge of music. During May 27-29 in the year 2007 I attended a weekend long festival celebrating live music. This festival of music was named, Summercamp. At Summercamp the most incredible people I encountered, from dreadlocked hippies to traveling handicraft makers. In the festival grounds there were three stages erected in honor to the musicians that will soon grace them. The largest of the three stood the bottom of a natural amphitheatre, the perfect location for live music to be preformed. From the moment I entered the fairgrounds my ears were blessed with the sounds of music being preformed, and those three days were some of the best in my life.

I believe in live music. Live music makes the world turn round and then dance to the beat of some funky grooves. Live music brings smiles to the faces of the most down trodden and sad. Live music expresses all the emotions that can ever be felt. Whenever I attend a concert where music is preformed live I leave with a sense of euphoric glee.

Where live music is played my soul will constantly yearn for, because live music becomes a part of you. When you experience an amazing live show your mind will take in all the sights sounds smells encompassing you and sqush them all together into one uber sense that will live within you from then on. After a show that makes its own sense it may be hard to respond to the simplest question, “What was it like?“ You will give the most elaborate answer or the least in the world. My usual answer is, “It is what I live for, so obviously it was amazing!“ Live music sends pulses of pleasure through your blood and sways your internal clock to the beat of the music, live music becomes apart of you. Ever since that three day long festival years ago I have had a happier and more enjoyable outlook on life. There has been a new mindset taken on by my body, not a goal orientated but more of an experience set.