Troy - Countryside, Illinois
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: change

Troy M


IPC Accel-2

18 February 2008

I Believe In Change

When I was in fourth grade my life changed forever. It was Saturday and I was lying on my couch when the phone rang. It turned out that my families best friends were moving away. Their father received a better job all the way in California. I believe this to be the biggest turning point in my whole life.

I believe in change not only as a bad experience but also a great one. Change creates many difficulties in people’s lives everyday but can also be good. I believe that change is a necessity and also a privilege. I could be friends with completely different people and have a different life than the one I am living now. Change will always be a factor in life but people have to learn to overcome it. I overcame changes in my life and they have shaped me into the person I am today. I believe that changes will present themselves again and I will keep on living.

Change isn’t something to be afraid of it is something to be embraced. Without any change the world would be incredibly boring. No one would talk about anything interesting and everyday would be exactly the same. The New England Patriots would have gone undefeated. I would not be able to live like that and so I am happy that my best friends moved in fourth grade because I have the life I am living now. They have inspired me to change my everyday life so I don’t fall into a routine.

Change is not always so great. Someone could take a different way to school one day and get in a car accident. A family could move away from the place they love like in my life. But because of change people live every day. The same person taking the new way to school could have escaped an accident that day.

On the other hand, change is not something to be criticized. No one has the right to say that his or her life could be any different if one bad experience had been prevented.