i believe in equalization in everyone

mackenzie - lagrange park, Illinois
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

“I believe”: equalization for everyone

I believe in equalization for everyone, regardless of religious or political views, sexual preferences, ethnicity, or even by the way they were brought up.

This is a huge part of me that I think that I have always believed in. It is not necessarily the way I was brought up, but because my family has moved and lived in many different places and cultures. I have lived in Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Idaho. Living in all those many places made me come to a realization that everyone is different. As a young girl I became very accepting to different types of people. Being raised primarily in Key West Florida, I encountered racism towards myself, because I was not Cuban and that was the largest ethnicity group in south Florida. Going through this didn’t make me dislike them or hate them. Once I made friends with many of them we all found out that we were misinformed by each other’s cultures and viewpoints.

Living in Key West also really brought home to me the difficulties that people with different sexual preferences face every day and all the choices that they have to make on a daily basis because of the way people choose to perceive them. My mother’s best friend is homosexual and it doesn’t matter because it is the friendship they have not the way they live their lives.

Living in all those places made me more accepting of other people’s lives and view points and I think that it also made me a stronger individual as well. I think that I will be well off later on when it comes to being in the ‘real world’ and having to deal with other people and cultures as to others who have been in one place their whole life and have been surrounded by one primary race.

Many of my friends are of different ethnicities, practice different religions, have different political views or have different sexual preferences than me, but that doesn’t make me care or think differently of them at all. I personally think and believe that everyone deserves to have an equal right to not be judged by people because of the color of their skin or because of the language they speak. We are all here with a purpose and who knows, that person that you thought lowly of could be the person you need the next day.