I believe in competition

Katie - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Katie N

Mrs. Manthei

IPC Accel

17 February 2008

I Believe

I believe in competition. Almost everything in our world revolves around winning and losing, and that is the way that I like it.

Growing up I was constantly competing against not only others, but within myself. I compete against others to make teams, to the win races, or to receive awards. However, I also compete with myself every day. I love to challenge myself to work harder and thrive in school and athletics. Whether it is improving on next chapter’s math test or trying to finish a certain amount of homework in study hall, I am consistently challenging myself to do more.

I love soccer and I love to workout and train to get better at my sport. At practices I want to be first in everything, whether it is a race, a small sided game, or a scrimmage I make an effort in everything that I do. Sometimes, I even set mini goals for myself that I would like to accomplish in practice, such as running sprints in a certain time or practicing a new move or technique. Although it is extremely hard to compete every day by giving as much effort as possible, one of the only ways that I have ever improved in anything is through the aid of competition.

I know that many people are not in favor of having a class rank system, however, I am all for it. For me, I feel that the class rank system has really made me work harder to get good grades. I love to see how my grades compare to the other student’s grades. While I probably will never be “first” in the class I always try to improve a few places every semester.

I feel that the reason why there are ordinary people and extraordinary people is because of competition. If no one is every challenged in life, will they ever strive to do more? Probably not. It is nearly impossible to reach your full potential in anything unless there is constantly a competitive aspect involved. Through competition I have trained my mind and body to accept nothing less than what I feel I am capable of.

Many people choose not to compete to their fullest not because they are embarrassed or because it may not be cool to try hard and get competitive, but because they are afraid of failing. Many times competitions are avoided all together because of a fear of losing. It is extremely common for people to think “Well, I just won’t try my hardest here, so if I do lose, it wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough, it was just because I didn’t care.” Having an attitude like that doesn’t make extraordinary people. Losing is a part of life, it is truly unavoidable. I have experienced loses in competition so many times I can’t even count. However, losing has made me appreciate success so much more.

Life as we know it revolves around competition. Humans compete in sports, in school, for jobs, and even for food. I attribute a large amount of success in my life to competition. Competition is certainly not one of the easiest forces in life, but it sure is rewarding in the end. As Forbes columnist Jerry Flint once said, “Competition is a painful thing, but it produces great results.