I Believe in Laughter

chelsea - Rocklin, California
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Recently my parents and I went to my Great Grandma D’s 90th birthday party. While we were there my dad gave a speech about memories he had with his grandma and relatives. He spoke of fishing trips with his Grandpa, thanksgiving dinners, family pets and much more. One story that stood out to me was about my Great Grandmas laugh. For this story he started out with,

“One thing I know I will never forget about my grandmother is her laugh! Her laugh will fill a quiet room because; she laughs without holding anything back, and does not care what anyone thinks. I look at my grandma and see that she is such a wonderful lady, when I have not seen here for a few months and start to miss her all I have to do is make my daughter laugh, because that have the same crazy stupidly-loud and obnoxious laugh. And it fills my heart with happiness whenever I hear that one particular laugh!”

I believe in Laughter. There are numerous different kinds of laughing, weather it is a giggle, chuckle, snort, big loud and out there, or the kind that makes you cry, a laugh is always distinct. A child’s laugh can make a room filled with people get quiet if one really listens. Laughing with a child makes my day seem fulfilled even if I did not do the things that really need to be done, because I feel like being happy and laughing is more important.

Laughing is not always an easy thing to do, I know from experience. My friend recently passed away and when I went to his funeral the church was filled with loving friends and family. When the ceremony was over and we were all outside I looked at all of the people and thought to myself, “sure we all just lost a friend, but would he want us all morning him like this?” when I regained my composure I found my friend Patty and asked her that question. The answer I received was “No, but what else can we do?” I said that I did not know, and we parted ways and went home. I Rode home with 3 boys and asked then that same question I’d asked Patty moment earlier and their responses were much different, “He would never want us doing anything that was not fun, he would probably say something like Lets go play Beer Pong” With that comment the car was soon filled with different emotions. We laughed about stupid things we had all don’t with him in the past the whole was home and when we got to the house we all felt better about the whole situation.

Laughing can also be a very easy thing to do. Once again I know first hand how easy it is. I can laugh at just about any situation. When I lived in Rocklin my best friend Bryan body-slammed me and although I could hardly breath and it hurt like the dickens I managed to get up and say “Nice one Bryan!” and we laughed about that for hours, and we still do. Also when I am with my friend Christine we just laugh at everything, literally. We once stayed up all night drinking ‘red lines’ and she tried to say “P-p-p-P-Town!” but she can out with “P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p…” she started stuttering and could not get the whole thing out. We laughed about that all night and still do every day.

Laughing brings people together in a way that no one will ever truly understand and this I believe with all my heart.