The Power of Music

Guy - Willow Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Guy A

IPC Per. 3

Mrs. Gillespie

February 18, 2008

“This I Believe”

Music has the greatest effect on Americans today. Our society is shaped around music. Everywhere you go you hear it. What attracts us to music? How can a song change our moods entirely, a song can make us happy, sad, or excited. Today people are turning to music to comfort them, what means more to us now music or family?

My mom and dad are very strict about grades and when they are mad sometimes they convey their message through yelling and not talking it out. I had gotten a B in my math class and what I get is words of rage being screamed at me. I went up to my room and slammed the door and the first thing I did was take out my ipod, instead of thinking about my actions and what had happened.

I am sure many people my age would do the exact same thing. Music has become so common that it is everywhere. We have the radio, which has a sole purpose of playing music. Before every T.V. show a jingle plays introducing the program. The most watched event in America is the super bowl and before the game and half time music is played by a famous band or artist. The national anthem is also based around music. It can only be sung by a very good musical artist or singer. Our countries national anthem is a song and we judge who sings it, and test them on their performance. When have we started to listen to the voice singing and not the words being said?

Has music become too powerful? I believe society needs to take off the headphones and take time to itself and while you are at the gym or walking through the park take a moment to yourself. Turn off the radio and take out the headphones and think about your day or day dream. You can really learn a little more about yourself.

I am not saying all music is bad, it can still comfort us and excluding it from life would be unhealthy, but listen to music for the right reasons. To relax not to avoid a situation you will have to face.