Outlawing the Elderly Driver

Emily - Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

It was a hot summer day not too long ago, when I witnessed a truly terrifying event! My family was packed in our car, leaving a gas station, when an old lady in the car in front of us pulled onto the road. The only problem was she was in the wrong lane. She was heading straight on toward an oncoming truck. Fortunately, the truck swerved out of the way. This made the disoriented driver realize she was in fact not on the right side of the highway. Noticing this, she simply hopped the grassy median to the correct lane and continued on her way as though nothing out of the ordinary had just occurred. Meanwhile, back at the gas station, we looked on in horror and utter disbelief for what could have been.

This leads me to state: I believe certain old people should not be allowed to drive.

I say this for the safety of the community, of course. Elderly drivers probably cause like a bajillion car accidents each year. And I for one fear for my life around such reckless vehicle operation.

We’ve all seen them; elderly people littering the streets with their bad driving. We’ve all seen the aged granny with curlers in her hair going at least twenty miles an hour under the speed limit. We’ve all seen the “stunt driving old timers” who unintentionally take the car on two wheels whenever they turn a corner. Of course, it is not completely their fault. As some people age, their mind starts to leave them and they forget some important skills, such as driving. Not all people are like that though. Some of them just lose their cat-like reflexes they had in their younger days. Therefore, I believe annual driving tests should be mandatory for drivers over the age of sixty-five.

There should more alternatives means of transportation for the elderly that do not pass their driving test. Buses and taxis, for example, are other methods of getting around for our senior citizens. Hired chauffeurs can give a feeling of “Driving Miss Daisy” for the opulent elderly who have been stripped of their drivers license.

As a result of more stringent regulations on our elderly drivers, there will be safer roads for us to travel. This I believe.