I believe in College

Katelyn - Brookfield, Illinois
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Katelyn J


IPC p. 4/6

16 February 2008

I believe in going to college. I think college is an important step in life that, for most people, helps you get ahead. I have seen the difference between people who do go to college and people who do not go to college. My mom is a college graduate and she has a steady job that will help her up until she retires. My dad, on the other hand did not graduate college and although he has been successful in his life, he does not have a steady job. My parents are the main people in my life who have pointed out how it is to my advantage to go to college. My dad has also said he regrets his decision to quit college. That is why in my family, everyone is basically required to go to college. I realize that some people can not afford college, especially with how expensive it has gotten, but they have ways to help you pay for it. That is part of the reason I believe in college, it gives positive effects and there are not many reasons someone is not able to go. One reason why I picked college as something to write about for my belief is because in a year or two I will have to start getting ready for the whole college process. Also my brothers have found colleges that suit them and they are thriving. My sister is still trying to pick the perfect college that will suit her and help her for the next four years. College gives you an amazing opportunity and there are so many different options to choose from, even more so than high school. You pick what kind of job you want to have and in that specific area you can take classes that interest you more than just normal required classes. Not only does college give you a great education but it also prepares you for real life and it gives you a chance to live on your own. Overall I believe that college helps people in their lives and it sets them up for success. I think everyone should try to further their education and go to college, it will benefit them later on in life.