I believe in myself

Jack - Willow Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Jack V

Manthei 2

IPC Accel

18 February 2008

True Strength

I believe in myself and my ability to accomplish any goal that I set my mind to. Throughout my life I have been challenged with various hardships and have faced many grueling tasks. However, I have found that if I face the opposition with determination and a strong will, I can triumph over any odds. I have developed a self-confidence and swagger that has helped me face my fears and strive to achieve my dreams. Yet I have not always believed in myself, and there have been times when my psyche has been tested and almost snapped. The second semester of my freshman year marked one of the worst stretches of my life. However, it was also a time when I discovered the true strength of my spirit.

Imagine falling into a deep hole and not having the strength to climb out. You try to escape, but find yourself facing a massive wall. You lose all confidence and hope staring at the task ahead, and it is impossible to envision a way out. Do you give up, or do you continue to fight? I found myself faced with the same question last spring when I became sick with mono and CMV virus. I was drained of all energy and strength, and my immune system suffered dramatically. I missed thirty-three days of school. Although I slowly began to regain my physical health, my confidence was lacking. I saw all of the homework and tests that I had to make up in several weeks and I broke down emotionally. I was so stressed that I could hardly function at a regular level. I saw my dreams of playing basketball and going to a good college slipping away. But then something happened that changed my outlook. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and realized that I could turn things around. I was frustrated with the situation I was in, and I began to use that anger to fuel myself. I was determined to not only get credit for all my classes, but to receive good grades as well. I was inspired, and at that point nothing was going to stop me.

I finished second semester with a 3.0 GPA (unweighted) and was filled with nothing but confidence and sheer determination. I had found an inner strength that had renewed my self-esteem. To this day, I have been driven to aspire for success and to accept and expect nothing less. I have already overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and now nothing seems impossible. I continue to reach for my dreams, and I use my past experiences as inspiration. I was cut from basketball this year, but I am more determined than ever to make varsity. I believe that if I put my mind to it and continue to work hard, I can achieve this goal. Armed with supreme self-confidence and the desire to meet my dreams, I continue to go through life. I know that there are good things to come in my future. I believe in myself once again, and life seems so much better.