The Power of Music

Zoe - Western Srings, Illinois
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

It was a sticky July day. July 18 to be exact; the day my friends and I had been waiting for for over three months, ever since we had heard of the free concert that was supposed to take place. The three of us walked down Michigan Avenue, melting from the Chicago humidity, gossiping about who did this and who liked him, into the overcrowded pavilion. After three hours of chemistry, then hours of shopping, we were looking forward to sitting down, but as soon as we arrived we knew we could only hope to find a seat amongst the couples lying on their blankets and the groups of friends sitting on the wall. We found a spot, but as soon as my friend sat, her white pants became muddy, and we then had to find a spot on the edge of the pavilion. We stood in the only open space, right behind a garbage can, feeling disheartened and exhausted.

Then, though, luckily, we found a place to stand by the wall on the other side of the pavilion, walked across the populated field, and claimed our spot. We then stood, waiting for the concert to begin. Within a half an hour, the band came on to the stage and played an eight minute song about an Irish folk-tale. Music filled the air, and the field and all of its inhabitants were quiet. There was no more mumbling amongst the crowd, no more screaming to friends, no more texting, only music. The entire audience, including my friends and I, sat listening, feeling enchanted by the soft, mellow sound of the lead singer’s voice, the guitar, the keyboard, the orchestra, all the sounds coming together to create one. It began to rain, but no one ran away or hid under their jackets. It was a perfect drizzle on a summer night that captivated the calm peacefulness of the audience, and the music seemed to set the stage for everything happening at that moment to seem perfect.

I believe in the power of music to make everything wonderful. My friends and I were tired; I had blisters, my friend had dirty pants, my other friend was exhausted, yet as soon as the band started to play, we gladly stood in the same spot for two hours not only to listen to the music, but to feel the energy felt throughout everyone. The band was not my favorite, nor my friends’, and probably not everyone’s in the crowd, but it brought us together on that tranquil night to relax and just listen to the music.