The Bang

Alexandria - East Bethel, Minnesota
Entered on February 24, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

All the sweat, tears, and blood put forth to that moment. The moment we could take that golden trophy signifying defeat and glory. The buzzer sounding in the third period let the U14 girl’s hockey team know that they had been beat. My team was sent home with tears of a loss in the Edina U14 girl’s hockey tournament. My father and I walked out of the building and the cold air froze the sweat to my body as snowflakes gently fell in their place on the ground. The beautiful scene was created to make a beautiful disaster.

My dad was driving as carefully as he could and was even traveling below the posted speed limits. We were driving when all of a sudden the rear end of the truck air lifted and shifted toward the snow filled median of the highway. We went down the first side of the median and I thought we would slow down, but I was proven wrong as we popped up through the other side of the median heading into head on traffic. Then as I looked up I saw the semi that was at least three times the size of ours. I saw the semi about to hit then I just blacked out and saw and heard nothing. I woke to find myself crying and as I tried to open my door I heard my dad’s voice say are you all right, which I said yes he told me to crawl across the seat because my door was ruined. I came out to find the rear of the truck was hit too and was smashed to the back of the front seats and the front was smashed to the front of the front seats. There was a strong smell of gasoline and a lot of shaken up voices telling people what we needed to do to help clear up the highway. Miraculously there had been no injuries besides the fact that my dad’s knee and my neck were soar and needed to be checked on. Everyone involved in the horrifying event was very fortunate to have lived that day.

My dad sat there looking down at me with tear-filled eyes he told me how much he loved me and how sorry he was. He saw that my life could have been taken away from him and he would not have been able to let me know how much I mean to him, although I already knew. This event leads me to the conclusion that I should never take life for granted. I try to live life with the accident in my mind everyday to remind me to just relax, do what I want, and have no regrets. My new perspective is no one really knows what they are doing until they are doing what they want. There are no regrets or mistakes in life there are only lessons to be learned and lives to be lived.