Who Wears The Crown?

Kelena - warren, Michigan
Entered on February 23, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I strongly feel that all pageants should be all natural, especially children’s’ pageants. Beauty contests have changed for the worst. Competitions are no longer about true smiles, hair, or true self. “Beauty Pageants” are no longer about true beauty, but how America views it.

Nowadays, little girls who compete in competitions are made up to look how America views them. They are spray tanned, made to wear flippers, make up, and press on nails. I also feel that the young are worked too hard. Coaches work these young contestants too hard to be perfect at things that don’t always come natural to them.

I don’t think that making these girls up to look so much older isn’t right. They shouldn’t be spray tanned at all. They should be able to compete with natural skinned tones, nails, hair, etc. I think the purposes of pageants are harsh. Young girls are too sensitive to feel that they can’t have a crown because a judge feels that they aren’t pretty or talented enough. So, who should decide who wears the crown?