Multiple Personalities

Siddharth - Maple Grove, Minnesota
Entered on February 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

We are tirelessly admonished to have self-confidence in ourselves and to not change who we are for different people. But why? I believe that you can have more than one personality.

Anyone who has ever lived through high school knows that it is an era of life when you are encouraged to find your voice, discover your identity, and realize your passions. On the side, you also have to exist at the convergence of friendships, extracurricular activities, homework, and ridiculous drama.

Having lived a packed high school life, I have learned that the dozens of personalities I act on the stage of life have ultimately made me the person I am today.

From the age of five, I have danced biannually in cultural shows within the local Indian community. In the thirteen years that have transpired since then, I have come to believe that I express myself best through the medium of dance. But it is not the mere practice and performance of dance that has impacted me, it is also the months-long process of synthesizing coordination and poise with my group, now some of my best friends. Though it has been the most comfortable of contacts, boys and girls my same age growing up bicultural lives, it has been vital to my upbringing. My interaction with these individuals has been truly in the form of lasting friendship: relaxed, easy-going, and light-hearted. Within the group, I am known as the animated and spirited kid always willing to offer some self-deprecating humor!

In class, I have shown a different personality. I put a high regard for my schoolwork and have strove to be the most assiduous, hard-working, and serious student I can be. My interactions in the classroom setting, therefore, do not conform to the light-hearted personality I assume when dancing. Instead, I find deep and intellectual conversations to be most stimulating and find that in the academic arena, I can describe myself best as ‘conscientiousness’.

However, most people might know me by a different personality: as someone that is gregarious. I have immersed myself in numerous pursuits that have offered me interaction within a team setting. Whether it is with the mock trial team, the science research team, or the service-learning youth council that I am, it is clear that I am someone who sincerely enjoys the processes of discussion, collaboration, and most importantly, communication.

Whatever I end up doing in life, I doubt that I will have one adjective to describe what type of person I am, because I am a unique person in different settings. Easy-going and serious are not mutually exclusive terms, because they both describe me. You can have more than one personality, and this I believe.