learn from mistakes

Shelby - Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Entered on February 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Learn from Mistakes

Mistakes can be bad but we learn from them. I’ve made many mistakes in my life and I’ve learned how to deal with them. A mistake can be life threatening or it can just be something small. Some of my mistakes are ones that I was able to learn from quickly and then others were ones I had to learn the hard way with. I can say that walking outside with a wet head and getting sick in the winter is a small mistake, but yelling at a parent and arguing with a sibling can really make you think. I believe that if you make a mistake you can learn from it.

I learned my lesson the hard way when I walked out of the swimming pool in the middle of winter with a wet head and got sick. My mom always told me to put my hat on when I went outside, but I never did. Every year I end up getting a cold and having to be taken to the doctor cause I wasn’t smart enough to keep my head covered up like I was suppose to. I learned because now as soon as winter rolls around I have a hood or hat on when I get out of swimming and I don’t have to be taken to the doctor as much. This mistake really was a dumb one but I’m glad I learned.

Another mistake I’ve made that I really regret was when I yelled at my mom. She was trying to get me to help clean house and I didn’t really want to and had to keep asking. I was doing my homework and I was pretty tied up and got mad when she kept asking. I’ll never forget that moment because I didn’t need to yell at her just because I was being lazy at the time. Even though she forgave me, I learned never to yell at her again.

Arguing with a sibling can be a big mistake. I used to argue with my brother all the time. We would never get along one second of our lives. It was a constant battle and my parents got really tired of putting up with the two of us acting as if we were two years old. Now my brother and I can have a conversation and not argue once through it. I’m pretty proud of myself because all the arguing I did with him got us nowhere and now we can talk and have fun together like a normal brother and sister are suppose to.

My life has been full of mistakes and I’ve tried really hard to learn from them as much as possible. I can go on through life and know that I made the mistake to argue with my brother, but now I can love him more and talk to him and want to be around him. My mom is very special and I don’t want anything to happen like the yelling incident because that was mean and awful. I believe I will run into more mistakes through the rest of my time, but I will always learn from them, even if it’s the hard way.