I Believe in the Power of Parenting

Ivey - Ellijay, Georgia
Entered on February 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

At one time, I felt as if I were drowning in an ocean of life, unable to keep my head afloat the turbulent waters of responsibility. I couldn’t keep my priorities in line. I knew I wanted more for my life, though I had no real goals. Those who were close to me were the ones being neglected. I loved them all. However, I did not make the efforts to show it. I simply did not realize the importance in a phone call or visit. I needed a wake up call to get things rolling. The day I found out that I was having my little girl was truly life changing. It was scary, amazing, and totally thrilling, all at the same time. From that moment on I have never been the same. I no longer even think in the way I once did. I am stronger. My daughter has taught me how to get my priorities together, how my family should always come first, and how to maintain a drive for my goals.

Almost the very moment I found out she was coming, I was desperately trying to find order in my life. I began making lists of everything from groceries to

people I needed to call. The entire pregnancy I was constantly trying to get ready for her arrival. I read all kinds of pregnancy and parenting books. I couldn’t wait to

get the nursery ready for her. I planned how I would arrange her room. For once in my life I was actually prepared. I had time for myself and for my loved ones.

I began focusing on what is most important, family. I wanted my family to be close when my baby girl came into the world. My parents were so excited about her arrival. Finally, I got to see her beautiful face. I could not believe we made her. It is indescribable how wonderful I felt. My three closest friends, mother, and husband all were in the room when she was born. I would never want to trade sharing that special moment for anything.

After her birth, I promised myself I would do what ever it takes to become a nurse in labor and delivery. I liked the idea of helping other women bring their beautiful babies into this world. Not only that, I also want to be able to support her no matter what obstacles may ever get in my way. I went from wanting to become a radiologist to realizing becoming a nurse is my dream. She showed me what I had been looking for all along.

Now I owe it to my family to never let life pass me by. I will now live to the fullest of my abilities. Through all the ups and down of pregnancy, and the hardships of becoming a parent, I learned many important lessons. I now appreciate my life. I know that anything is possible. I have faith in myself. I am strong.