The Choctor

Anna - St. Louis, Missouri
Entered on February 22, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Little Sallie May sat in her bed with tears streaming down her face, mascara running from her eyes, and tissues surrounding her like a cloud. Sallie endured a macabre break up 3 days ago and she hasn’t risen from her bed since then. Suddenly, her mother burst into the door with an acclamation, “Honey, I have just the thing to cure your blues!” Her mother tossed a Hershey’s Symphony Chocolate Bar onto Sallie’s bed. Sallie slowly took a few bites and immediately her tears dried and a smile streaked across her face. Doc Choc to the rescue! The Choctor is successful every time. (That’s doctor and chocolate combined in to the amazing Choctor.) Chocolate is not syrup, chips, or icing. It is not a powder you stir into your milk for extra flavor or a mix you pour in hot water on a frosty day. I believe that chocolate is the shrine of happiness. It is the doctor; the cure to every problem. It actually serves several extremely handy purposes as well. Chocolate is a multitude of gourmet desserts, a gift for any occasion, and a daily anti-depressant.

Hosting a fancy dinner party? Sporting a backyard barbeque or a family get together? Chocolate is just the key to a dessert that will mold your guests to their seats in wondrous pleasure. Vanilla ice cream with thick, hot fudge glazing the top and a warm brownie on the bottom hit the spot on warm summer evenings. I bake a smooth, rich, and absolutely heavenly chocolate Russian rum cake for the perfect treat on my birthday and any fancy dinner party. Soft, melty chocolate chunk cookies are delightful on a Friday movie night with friends or a backyard barbeque with family. Wonderful truffles and toffee speaks Christmas to me and a tasty dark chocolate and espresso delight from Godiva Chocolates is the perfect treat. I believe chocolate is a to-die-for and irrefutable dessert that can follow any meal on any occasion.

Whether Christmas, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or a birthday, chocolate is the perfect gift. Boys, if you want to win your crush’s heart, a small box of chocolates will do the trick. A box of fancy Ghirardelli or Godiva chocolates is the perfect way to say, “I love you” on an anniversary. A teddy bear holding a heart-shaped box of chocolaty goodies could not be a better Valentine’s Day gift. For a girlfriend that I haven’t seen in years or a friend at school who is hard to shop for, a pan of brownies and a box of assorted Choxie chocolates is the perfect birthday present. Chocolate is not some pushover, last minute gift that people just slough off. It is the way to a lover’s heart, a genuine and meaningful gift for any and every occasion.

A gloomy day, the absolute low of lows, an unexpected break up, or the slump of a bad test grade; these can all be cured by my favorite anti-depressant I like to call the Choctor. I believe chocolate can cure the worst blues and solve almost any emotional problem. A bite into a wonderful Hershey’s Symphony bar literally sounds a symphony in my mouth. It clears the thick clouds over my head and warms me as it allows the beautiful sunrays to shine in my life. On a hard-to-wake-up morning after a night of tossing and turning, a handful of dark chocolate covered espresso beans is the perfect pick me up that lasts through out the day. After I have received a vituperative lecture concerning a failed test or missed assignment with no excuse but a case of senioritis, a bag of peanut butter M&Ms stabilizes my angry, racing blood pressure and slips me into a state of bliss. A giant mixing bowl of brownie batter is the perfect remedy that numbs the pain of a lonely Saturday night and an unexpected break up. The amazing Choctor cures all. Happiness is only seconds away with Doc Choc at work.

Chocolate is not just any other candy. It is a gourmet dessert for the perfect touch to a party and a heart-felt gift for every holiday. Chocolate is the emotional stabilizer that the entire female race depends their life upon. It is the wise medicine man with a remedy for every kink. It is the axis on which the world revolves around. I believe in the Choctor, the one healer that will never let you down.