Philosophies of the Broken

Michael - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on February 22, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

If I have one strong belief in my life, it is to hold dear those random people who will help you in any situation in which you stumble upon. I noticed this on July 14, several summers back when a notable event occurred in my life. This I believe.

Being a junior counselor at a day camp, my job was to play with the youngsters. But when my friend got rough on the jungle gym, I ended up hurt. After an unneeded push on the zip line, I ended up flying through the air much like superman. I landed on both wrists. Knowing something was wrong while keeping back tears, I stumbled to my recreation leader screaming for help when he exclaimed, “suck it up.” Then a person visiting who worked there the year, before, took me under his arm and helped me to the office. On the way I began to pass out. We sat down on the ledge where I passed out for a good 10 seconds. Keeping me upright, he fostered me back into the light. The rest of the way he supported my collapsing body until we reached the main office where I was temporarily treated and my father called. I was going to be ok after a late night at Children’s Memorial Hospital and some aggressive doctor maneuvers by my ever-caring father.

The guy that helped me I will never forget. Knowing me very little, he helped me when I was truly in need. I will always have a space in my heart for people that will do that, not the people who say, “suck it up.” Those are the people that we need more of in this ever-changing world. This person cared about me without even knowing my last name. The person who did not help me and rather stated a mean comment, no longer means anything to me. A person in need needs attending to. From that point forward, I always help people in a bad situation no matter of our relation…if one exists. That event was painful, yet life changing. I made and established this philosophy for all of my hardships and other’s hardships to come.