Starry Beliefs

Meghan - Walnut Creek, California
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the stars. They are always sparkling, a nice contrast against the dark sky. The stars can do whatever they desire, twinkle, shoot form shapes and direct us across the land and still be accepted by each other and us. Today, some kids and adults feel as though they can’t be themselves like the stars. Their fears of alienation and rejection overcome their goals of creating friendships.

I entered a new school in the eighth grade. I had hoped that no one would use words like weird or strange. When I moved to Oregon, it was a new school, new routines, and new classmates. I was so timid and unwilling to open up. I started to felt so awful for the other students who tried to talk to me. These were kids who had been together since being tots. I felt very out of place to be myself. As a life experience, I used to cry, but I wasn’t thinking. Kids in other schools are hurt by words and physical pain. The rage, hate, sorrow, and other emotions explode into actions. These people have it worse then me. I was never actually hurt by others. I hurt myself with my own words, telling myself I had no friends.

Upon returning moving back to California a year later, I found old friendships just as strong, missed family members and hot weather! When I drove over that border, I finally realized I was back. A bound of unusual energy grew as I thought, “Hey. I feel like myself again!” I now happily run around whenever I feel, act crazy with my friends and enjoy being myself. A lot of times, I get this compliment, “You’re really weird.” I just reply, “Thank you! I get that a lot!” And when I hear that, I know I am a real star. I am being myself and I don’t care what other people say. The stars think the same way.