I believe in Friday Nights

Allison - Burr Ridge, Illinois
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

There is one day a week that all students look forward to, Friday. For me, Friday nights don’t have to be filled with tons of plans. They don’t have to have a schedule or purpose. Friday nights are for me to relax and just hang out with my friends and not worrying about chemistry homework. There is no bell ringing telling me to get to class or any teachers trying to explain something I may never remember. Friday nights are full of football or basketball games where I cheer so loud I may not have a voice the next day.

Sometimes, my friends and I will see a movie at the Quarry or get dinner somewhere in LaGrange. Friday nights are excuses to stay up late, because there won’t be an alarm ringing at six o’clock the next morning. Friday nights are well deserved holidays from five excruciating long days of school. They are chances to relax and not worry about what Monday may be like.

Though no Friday night is ever the same, my friend, Abby, and I have a tradition we try to follow at least once a month. The game plan is to meet at Noodles and Company and have the large Wisconsin Mac and Cheese dinner. Afterwards, there is Cold Stone’s birthday cake remix ice cream on the six or so blocks back to her house. Sure it is not anything really big but it’s nice to just talk, grab something to eat, and maybe watch a movie. In my mind, that is what Friday nights are all about. As a student, dancer, and having to work on some weekends, it is nice to have one day where there is nothing pressing to do. That one day is Friday. It is a great time to see people I usually don’t or talk to some I have not seen in a while. Though there may be a football or basketball game for poms, I still get to enjoy being there and talking with the other girls on poms and friends during and after the game. So many hilarious memories are made on these fun and laid back nights with friends. That is why I believe in Friday nights.