i believe in the boogeyman

Rebecca - countryside, Illinois
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I Believe in the Boogeyman

My family and I took time off to spend a month backpacking around various countries in Europe. We ventured into several different countries and saw many things. Some places were cleaner than others and others were busier. Italy was the third country we visited and Milan being the first city in Italy. We had a connecting train that stopped in Milan and at this point we needed to switch trains. We had some time before our next train came so we stopped at the ATM so that we could get something to eat. About and hour later it was time for us to get onto our next train, so we corralled all of our things over to the platform. My mom got onto the train first and I was following her but all of a sudden a woman pushed her way between us. I thought that she was just being rude and was in a hurry. Trying to maneuver our luggage down the narrow aisle of the train the woman kept getting closer and closer to my mom. I thought it was strange but I still though that people were good. Then there was a quick ‘zip’ that alarmed my senses. The woman then turned around and got off of the train. Panicking, I yelled, “Mom, check your purse!” she replied, “She got the credit cards and the passports”. Frantically we all got off the train. I began cry with fear and also with rage. I ran off of the train and around the station searching for the woman asking myself and scaring myself with thoughts of what I would do to her if I found her; but my luck ran out and she was not to be found. After about ten minutes of searching I returned to the platform to help the rest of my family get the luggage to the police station which coincidentally happened to be in the train station. Mugging turns out to be a very common occurrence in Italy. While my parents were on the phone canceling all of the credit cards, I sat in the lobby with my brother and realized that not all people are good and that I believe in the boogeyman.