It’s Never as Bad as it Seems

Amelia - Brookfield, Illinois
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose

There have been times when I could not understand why I seemed to be so depressed. I did everything I could think of that might make me more contented. It was not until I realized I could write poetry did I become happier. During my freshman year of high school, I utilized this talent and started to write more, along with drawing, and making small pieces of jewelry that I still wear. A pair of earings that I had made was out into an art show along with one of my paintings. I did not win the competition, however, but it made me glad that I had made something that caught the eyes of passers-by. Soon I started getting involved in music. For some time I had known how to play the piano, but this time I started to sing. I knew I could sing, but I never knew how well. My younger siblings started to ask me to sing to at night before they went to sleep, and whenever I would finish, they would always say they loved it and would go to sleep with smiles on their faces. That was all I needed to get me deeper into singing. I joined a choir at the start of sophomore year and very soon I had a concert. Once the people I knew figured out I could sing, they would ask me to sing something, just so they could see for themselves. I agreed and they told me afterwards that I should be doing solo’s.

I realized that I was happier when I sang. I was able to express myself in many different ways and forms. Through poetry I am able to say what is on my mind in a way that others can appreciate and maybe even take hope from.

I believe that for a person to be truly happy, one must recognize the talents and special abilities that make each person different. Of course, poetry, art, and music are only a few ways. There are as many forms of expression as there are people. Different people have different talents, but as for me. I prefer artistic means as a way of expressing myself.