Sam - Walnut Creek, California
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My Belief

Don’t judge a book by its cover, this has been mentioned a lot of times and yet some people have not thought about it and judge a person right away. This is what I believe in: don’t judge a person right away.

The reason why this is my belief is because of how people can just go up a person and say that they are stupid just because of missing a question or doing something wrong, also when people start blaming others for doing something that they do not know about. You can see this being used almost every day, where you could be in class and maybe miss a sort of difficult question and have a person come up to you and say that your stupid or something just by missing a question. If people weren’t so quickly to judge others then places like school would not seem like such a threatening place and where you can do whatever you do without having that that possible threat of someone coming up to you and say something mean. This also wouldn’t be a problem if people weren’t mean as to not even say that they are sorry when they find out that its just a misunderstanding and then that person, who was blamed for doing nothing, will feel as if they meant it. An example of this problem is where your at school and you are sitting in class and then a kid loses a pencil or something that he or she needed and they notice that you have a exact same thing that they are missing and say that you took from them. Then the person finds out that whatever they needed is under their seat and do not even say sorry for the mix up. Now if people started being good people, by not judging others or by saying sorry when you do, instead of being bad people, where you do judge others and when that person did nothing wrong you do not even say sorry for it, then the world would be, I guess, a little bit just for that small goal.