This i Believe

Max - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Max B

Ms. Meyers

IPC Accel-10

20 February 2008

This I Believe

I believe never loss faith. These past few weeks with my sickness have been hard and scary. I feared I would loss all my abilities on the lacrosse field and strength I have gained over the winter months. As I watched from the side line gyring to go and play lacrosse next to my teammates I was losing faith in myself and slightly in God. Why would the lord do this to me three weeks before my tryouts when I had so much planned to enhance and strength my abilities as an athlete? Why would a god bear children of mental and physical handicaps on the earth; when he could have made us each with an equal chance in surviving the world he released us into? God is all powerful and all knowing there has to be a method to his madness. I then thought of what my parents, grandparents, political party and myself believe “Every live has a reason in this world, born or unborn.” No matter the obstacle a human being can over come his restrictions that he has been dealt. “Adapt and improvise,” the marines say. No matter how bad the times seem or how many lives are lost. Every motion, action, or ordeal has a meaning it has a purpose. Most important changes are painful but they strengthen families, friends, and countries. When 9/11 happened the nation came together to support each other and hunt down those animals that were responsible to make sure it never happens again. My slight sickness of coarse is nothing compared to what is happening in the world, it just strengthened my faith as a Christian. I came back and played lacrosse two days after being medically cleared and played in the championship game. I scored three goals and got one amazing assist to end up winning the game. My life has showed no, proved to me that no matter what everything has a purpose. My grandfather’s painful death, the attacks on this great nation, people going back on their word, and God having his only son crucified for us has taught me to never lose my faith.