No Excuse

Patricia - San Diego, California
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Michael Vick is a name I’m sure most people now know. But, Vick’s career as a professional football player is not the reason behind the fame. Last year, police found several dozen fighting dogs on Vick’s property.

Vick’s case became headline news, and soon it was all everyone was talking about. Each day more and more evidence was building up against Michael Vick. The news aired pictures of wounded dogs, and even videos of the dogs fighting.

Michael Vick and some of his friends were responsible for starting a kennel that was devoted to raising pit bulls and training them to become money-making fighters. Dogs that didn’t perform well enough were executed.

The public had various reactions and opinions regarding Michael Vick’s case. Some thought Vick was guilty, while others seemed totally convinced that he was innocent. I remember watching the news one day and hearing a man say that Vick’s actions were justified by his upbringing. He explained that Vick grew up in an impoverished area, where fighting dogs was common and accepted. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I wanted to call the news station that very minute and express my own opinion.

I believe that where you come from does not determine who you become.

I grew up in an environment similar to Vick’s. Kids I went to school with have been killed just blocks from my house. About a year ago, my brother lost two good friends to gang violence. A growing problem amongst my community is dog fighting, pit bulls being the usual victims.

I have two pit bulls, Hennessy and Charger. When they got out of the yard a while back, animal control complimented me on raising them so well. A few of the officers even thanked me for giving Hennessy and Charger a life that most pits never experience. I honestly can’t imagine how anyone could put such beautiful dogs through a life of pain.

Michael Vick was able to leave his neighborhood and become a very successful football player. Vick had to realize that what he was doing was wrong, regardless of whether fighting dogs was accepted in the area where he grew up. He made a decision to abuse animals, and I don’t think there is one reason that justifies his decision. There is absolutely no excuse for animal abuse.