The Thing Anyone Has

Nao - Neenah, Wisconsin
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Why do babies start walking? Because they have wills. If they didn’t have wills, they wouldn’t start walking. I had two big wills, and granted my dream. We all have our own will, so that we can accomplish anything we want.

I had a dream of going to England when I was eight years old because “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” was published at that time and I knew that this book came from England. I was afraid of the darkness and couldn’t sleep alone, so in reality that it was just a dream. I thought about what I could improve to be able to go to England, and then an idea flashed into my mind. “I should save money and be able to sleep alone. I will go to England when my money box is full.”

The summer of 8th grade, my moneybox was full and, of course, I could sleep alone. Having searched for information about studying abroad in England, I went there during spring break and I met many exchange students from other countries. I wanted to go the U.S. next because they have many races there. Now I’m here in the U.S. Before coming here, I had to study hard to pass a difficult exam. The hardest thing, however, was saying good-bye to my family and friends.

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” As it says having a strong will we can accomplish anything no matter how difficult it may be. Through these two big dreams I was able to sleep alone, to save money, and to study hard. I learned that people around me are irreplaceable. Especially, leaving Japan for a year, leaving a lot of precious things, was so painful. But I had a big will, so I overcame these things.

By having a will, we can take action no matter if it is big or small – having an aptitude is not necessary. The important thing is to take the stairs one by one. We don’t need to run. We only need to make sure that we look along the way to see whether we have missed any steps or not. If we didn’t have a will, we couldn’t do anything we want. Fortunately, anyone can have a will. Having a will means one must confront many hardships. The experience of difficult things, which one must be overcome, will make people much stronger.

I suppose a will could be a dream. Consequently, I could say, “Anyone’s dream can come true.” My future dream is to be an attorney. I still have many steep stairs to climb, but I will go up my own pace.