Life Choices

Ethan - Neenah, Wisconsin
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Life Choices

Life is a road with many paths to take. Each one takes people on their own unique adventure. The only question is where do people want to go in life and how do they want to get there. Everyone takes his or her own road in life, deciding which one to take is the greatest challenge.

In high school, you try and pick the classes that are geared toward the rest of your life. This has been a rather tough part for me. My freshman year, I took regular courses and just kept myself diverse because I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. As sophomore year came around, my friends were starting to take classes that pertained to the career area they wanted to pursue in life. I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do so I looked into a business career. From what I had read and could see around me, it looked like if you went into business, your job was going to be pretty lucrative. Now I am into my junior year in high school and I am focusing more of my time on art. I can spend every day of my life doing something that makes me happy. But I have made it harder for myself because I didn’t start to look at a career in art until later in my high school career so it is harder to fit classes into my schedule that I should have been taking freshman year.

After high school, many people choose to go to college, while some choose to go to work. Many people say that if you don’t go to college you aren’t going to make very much money and then you won’t be happy. In the end it doesn’t matter if we made a million dollars a year or just ten thousand dollars a year. Should people spend the rest of their life’s trying to make as much money as they can while being unhappy so they can eventually just let someone else inherit it, or should they go through life being happy. When people start to think about what to do with their lives, they should pick something they like to do, because nobody wants to think of there future being like the guy from Office Space, each day being worst then the last.

I am only in high school right now and still having trouble deciding what I am going to do for the rest of my life that will make me happy. I may change paths on my journey, but my ultimate goal is to enjoy the whole adventure. Everyone is going to take his or her own road in life and it’s going to be completely different from everyone else’s, and only they can decide how to spend their time on this adventure. Are you going to enjoy it or is every day just going to be another day?