Life Takes Baby Steps

Alexandria - Christiansburg, Virginia
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Life Takes Baby Steps

Alexandria Rusnak

Life can often times be overwhelming and frustrating to those of us who love to attempt every challenge presented to us. In order to enjoy life, people need to be able to break apart and organize the mess of jumbled priorities, and take it “one step at a time”. I believe Warren Buffett put it best when he said: “I don’t look to jump over seven-foot bars. I look around for one foot-bars I can step over.” The ability to look for the one foot bars gives the ability to live happily.

As a high school student trying to balance a new state, new school with new AP classes, and a new job, I find myself easily and often stressed out. When I look at everything that is expected of me, and everything I have on my “to-do” list, sometimes I just feel like crying. But I don’t, I take a step back and try to prioritize my never ending “list”. I have found that after I plan out what I am going to do, and how I am going to get everything done, I feel a lot better and less stressed. Learning to be able to tackle one “problem” at a time, allows for more focus on that “problem,” and makes life a little bit easier.

I am not saying that prioritizing my life has eliminated stress and made life easy, just a little more manageable. Just think, what life would be like if I had attempted to finish school and get a job by age 10? Not only would I be overwhelmed and stressed, I probably wouldn’t be able to compete with the people who took their education in “baby-steps” the way our country designed it. Life is full of lessons only time and experiences can teach us. Don’t try to “grow up” too fast, or become an “adult” before you are ready. Just take life one chunk at a time, and don’t forget to factor in some time to have fun with your friends.

As H. L. Hunt put it: “Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it, establish your priorities and go to work.” Hunt is telling his readers to set goals and work towards them. Nothing is just handed out in life, and if you haven’t already learned that lesson, you will. Everything takes work, but be careful not to attempt everything at the same time. The events and challenges in life make up a puzzle, and while trying to put all of the pieces together more are added by the second. The only way to solve the puzzle of life is to step back and take a deep breath, put the similar pieces in a pile, and focus on the central, most important few. This is the only true way to be successful in life, this I believe.