Like Today is Your Last

Brandon - Radford, Virginia
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death

In life it can be seen that death is inevitable, and that the life you live beforehand is short. This belief can be seen anywhere and everywhere in the world, from the children in Africa dying of AIDS, to young men and women shot in American colleges and high schools, men and women dying for our freedom in Iraq, babies killed before they even see the light of day, and numerous drug and alcohol related deaths. Every single one of those things is occurring daily, hourly, maybe even right this minute. If this many deaths are occurring at all times how, or why, can we not presume that we may be next?

We try to evade death or pretend like death isn’t there as if it’s a myth, or a fable, and that we, ourselves, are invincible and that death can’t close in on us. This little game that we play everyday is a game of chance, sometimes you get the nice house, or nice car, but sometimes you get dealt death, a fate that comes in all forms, and arrives in plain daylight without even being seen in some cases. Death could be knocking at your door right at this moment, and you may be the one he’s calling, and you’ll be leaving someone behind that loved you more than anyone or anything else, and grief may consume them…

I have come to realize in my short life that everyone has someone missing in their life whom they miss, a kind of hole in their life, like a fence with an open gate that’s impossible to close. This I believe; I believe that deaths inevitability should guide my daily actions, so that all of those whom I love will know exactly how I felt about them, without. You could be the gate in someone’s life soon, or the one whom you love could be the next to go. So take heed in these words and love like you’ve never loved before, and live as if today is your last day, because you won’t realize what you have until it’s gone. Life is a God-given gift and we should cherish it for what it is; because every second you live you are slowly dying, and one day it’s going to be over, and you won’t have the chance to say goodbye to the people you feel like you couldn’t live without, so whenever you get the chance, just look at the people you care for, and let them know how you feel, with a simple “I love you.”