Gas Prices are too high

Danica - Lisle, Illinois
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in lowering gas prices because people are wasting their money on gas than food, clothing, and shelter. Gas prices have gone up a huge amount in the past year. Many gasoline companies have gone out of business because people are not going there because the gas prices are too expensive. Companies like Mobile, Speedway, and CITGO.

My mom says when she learned how to drive it was $0.30 a gallon. Now it is $3.75 a gallon. I think the president should do something to help people not waste their money on gas for their cars. My mom now wastes $60.00 on gas a week. She needs that $60.00 on food and clothing for my family of 6. My mom came from a family of 10 children, and they only spent $60.00 a month that is how much the gas prices has gone up in the past 42 years.

In 42 years from now the gas price would probably be ten times more than it is in 2008. That is why the president should really do some thing. These gas companies should know if you sell your gas for less you will gain more money and buyers. Something every car company like Ford, Toyota, and Honda should make cars that do not use that much gas. Every mom who has active children will use more gas than a father who drives his car to and from the train station. My mom is the mom with active child, and my dad just drives his car to and from the train station.

Also, people like bus drivers and limo drivers will use more gas too.