Killing is Wrong?

Zack - Neenah, Wisconsin
Entered on February 21, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death, morality

Killing is Wrong?

At first when the word “kill” is heard, most likely horrible images of a war scene or a murder that is seen in the media are assumed. To me, it is much different. Killing is an important factor of life; in fact without killing it would be impossible to survive. The word “kill” is a very open ended word, it can be taken many different ways and be said in many different dialogues. If killing is as always such a bad thing as people assume, then we all are mass murders. Killing needs to be done in order to survive.

First to look at the definition of the word, the word kill means to destroy or to prevent the passage of. So when the word is used correctly in the English language it happens very often throughout the day. For instance in order to live you need to eat, and to eat you need a food source. Some of the foods that we eat consist of vegetables, fruits, meats, grains, etc. In order to consume these foods the human body needs we are killing the item being consumed, aren’t we? Obviously when meat is eaten, the animal in which the meat is from was killed in order for it to be consumed, and also like wise with fruits and vegetables. In order to eat a fruit or vegetable it needs to be grown, and then when it is ready to be consumed it is picked and taken from its roots, therefore killed. In some cases like when an apple is being eaten one could argue that the fruit isn’t quite dead yet, which is true, however once consumed it is obviously dead and split into about 1 million pieces in your stomach. Therefore, whenever the human body consumes food the human is considered a mass murderer.

On a different note, killing is also done quite commonly in modern day medicine practice. When someone is sick they have a bacterium in their body that is causing them to be sick. In most cases to recover from a sickness, besides rest and eating healthy the human body also needs some form of medicine. The medicine that you take is made to kill the bacteria in your body, so that also is a very positive killing scheme. Also when someone has insomnia or a type of mental illness the only way to get some rest is to kill the thoughts and energy in the human body. Modern day police forces everywhere are going to need a lot more police officers to arrest the entire human population for these mass murders, including arresting themselves.

The word kill is very often interpreted very poorly; even I am not innocent of poorly interpreting the word. If you look at the word kill and it’s proper definition there are more positive killings everyday than negative killings by far. The media also often portrays killing very poorly often also. Quite often you hear the word and gory scenes from a movie pop into mind, but for me on the other hand, I think much different. Yes, in some cases killing is a horrible crime, but in order to survive it needs to be done.