Taylor - Walnut Creek, California
Entered on February 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

                      Prospering….Bluff, fake, hypocrite and imposter , all the words of a cheater. I believe that if you don’t quit, and don’t cheat, and don’t run home when trouble arrives, you can only win.  Winning is a feeling nobody can forget, knowing that they did their very best and all the work they had to do paid off. But, for the losers the feeling doesn’t go away that easy. You feel it in you the whole day, knowing that someone beat because you didn’t push yourself to the limit, you didn’t do all you can do to win. But, that winner walks home with a trophy, medal or ribbon and you just walk away ashamed. Many people learn this through sports, experience or hobbies. For example, one day at my swim practice, I cheated by cutting a lap in half and stopping half way and turning around. My friend told me that I should not do that because I will soon get used to doing that and I might do it later in a race. Before I knew it was cutting laps all the time. The next swim meet I could barley finish my race because I never really did any work in practice. And I learned at that moment, at that very race, because I was cheating at practice I would, no could never win. You look at others who are greater than you , maybe the top athlete or the top piano player. You know they worked their hardest and pushed them selves to the limit and you want to be that one. It is ashamed when people quit or cheat. Just like how some pro-athletes cheat. They don’t work their hardest or try their best, they just use medicine to help them, but let me ask you this, has anyone of them gone home feeling like a winner. Or has any of that cheating paid off?