More Precious than Gold

Elizabeth - Bentonville, Arkansas
Entered on February 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: illness

I believe life i a precius thing, you shouldn’t waste it.

I’ve learned what most realiza only when it’s too late. I’ve learned this through experiences most have only read about.

5 years ago I was diagosed with a braintumor. The discovery devestated my family and changed all our lives.

I was scheuled for surgery the next Mon. and we struggled through the weekend as best we could.

I went into surgery scared as a kitten,I clung to my parents for dear life.

My parents and I waited what seemed like hours for them to call e back to prep fo surgery.

When they finally called my name I strode to the back, still scared as could be.

Once I put on the gown and the socks i was only a matter of time beforemy life was in the hands of a surgeon,.

When the nurse came to take me to the operating room I hugged my parents tight. The nurse led me through a maze of hallways to the OR.

I climbed on to the table. They strapped an oxygen mask to my face. I slowly fell into a deep slumber brathing in the bubble gum air.

My life was never the same after that weekend. I had chemotherapy every friday for 2 ears and constant check-ups.

This is why life is such a precious thing. You never know when it will b taken away. This I believe.