Believe to Succeed

Daniel - El cajon, California
Entered on February 20, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Four years ago, when I advanced to my senior year of high school in Ensenada, Mexico; my dad gave me the opportunity to move out and to come to live with him and his family here in the U.S. However, I was afraid to start my life over again in a different country, with a different culture and language. I never imagined being strong or smart enough to be able to learn a new language and fit in a new society. Nonetheless, after I thought about my chance of move here over and over again, I had an epiphany; if we want to go farther or being someone different in life, then we have to start believing in ourselves.

After one of my hardest decisions in life was made, I started my new life in the U.S. living with my dad’s family and going to school. At the beginning, I had many problems figuring out the instructions during class and making new friends. For the first three months, I was just sitting in class trying to understand what the teachers were talking about. Some of them understood the position that I was in. Therefore, they tried to help me by making others students translate the instructions for me or they just gave me more chances. However, I did not like depending on other people too much. I felt like they were treating me like I was retarded just because I did not know their language. This made me aware that my own thoughts and feelings were making my life harder than it was. Consequently, I realized that a new culture is not going to adapt to me but I have to adapt to it.

I brought this up because when I realized how important believing in ourselves was, I also realized that there is not always going to be someone next to us helping us when we need it. Then, I thought about the fact that there are thousands of people who come to the U. S. and become successful. Moreover, I discovered that we all something to motivate us to help us overcome obstacles. My motivation was to be self- sufficient. I just wanted to be treated like everyone else and I did not want to always depend in other people.

Four years later, here I am working and going to college on my way to being more successful. I ended up doing well in my last two years of high school in America. Of course, I am still working on my English; however, I see everything from a different perspective. What before, seemed to be climbing mountain Everest, now looks so much easier. Currently, my goal is to get a degree in Spanish. I know it is not going to be easy; nonetheless, I am resolved to do everything I can and to think positively in order to complete it.

I believe that everyone has the strength to become whomever we want. People have the decision to make things happen. There are no people better than others, just people who are more prepared. In order to achieve our goals we have to find our motivation, never give up, and believe in ourselves. As Frank Lloyd Weight said, “The thing always happens that you really belief in; and the belief in the thing makes it happen”.