Attitude is Key

Jennifer - Spring Valley, California
Entered on February 20, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Attitude is Key

Every day, every hour, every moment, even down to every second, we are confronted with choices. They may be life changing or menial. We may snap like a green bean or we may ponder for days, weeks, even years before coming to a conclusion we can live with.

I believe the attitude we have before, during, and after these choices, can make all the difference in our lives.

November 2002, I gave in to the failure of a twelve year marriage that produced four intelligent, loving and beautiful children, a mountain of debt, and no real belief in the “happily ever after”. I set out into the work force. I started out making ten dollars an hour as a “copy girl” for a small locally owned Mortgage Company. Every minute of those hours, I worked with an efficiency and eagerness to learn. I gratefully took what I could from anyone who would put a drop in my bucket. Within four years and two different lenders I had doubled my salary as a skilled loan processor. I was proud of the knowledge I possessed. There was no shortage of work to be done. I was relied upon and counted on.

Now in 2008, the salaried position of Lead Loan Processor exists only for the select few. I am not included. After trying to swim up a fast moving stream of declining values and foreclosures as a commission based Account Executive for a “Hard Money” lender for the past year and a half, I have come to the conclusion that at this time in my life, the thirst for knowledge and the drive to succeed is in the air I breathe.

After sixteen years of child bearing and rearing, I have gone back to school. I am earning one dollar more an hour in a part time job to fit into my class schedule than I did when I first gained my independence back in 2002. I am happy to do it. I rejoice in the example I am setting for my sons and daughters in the way of overcoming the challenge of education. I meet that challenge with a quest for victory. I am thankful for the abundance of resources that have literally fallen into my lap. I look to the strong faithful women in my family and appreciate the wisdom they generously shower upon me.

Every morning as we start our day with our laundry lists of things to do and choices to make, our attitude is the key. I make a choice to be eager and willing to do what is laborious and joyful, exhausting and comforting, worthwhile and rewarding. I take every day and count it among my multitude of blessings. I focus on the future and look I see in my own eyes. I see who I was, and in so many ways still am. Most especially, I see the empowered woman I have become.