David - Walnut Creek, California
Entered on February 20, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am a fifteen year old in high school. I wear anything I want, say anything I want, and do anything I want because, I just don’t care about what others think about me.

Something that would be embarrassing to others is just another way for me to get my laughs. It’s important to be able to look at yourself and just laugh. If you do something stupid, see yourself as if someone else were in your shoes and laugh at them.

Laughter is the most important and best thing possible for your health. It is a partial anesthetic and is the only way someone can pass on happiness, because laughter is contagious. If you are sick, laughter can help cure you or calm down your headache.

As I walk though the halls of the school, I know I’m not the coolest person. Or the most loveable, or the most whatever, but I don’t care. It’s actually impossible to be the most whatever in the social aspect in school because everyone hates someone and is hated by someone.

Whenever someone says “you are such a freshman,” I just say right back, “and I’m enjoying every second of it!” Because freshmen are so new at the whole high school scene they are treated like they can’t have any responsibility. Therefore they are given less work and are hated for it because they have time to be immature.

If people didn’t care, this world would be covered in smog, trash, and the sick and hungry would have nowhere to go, and children would be working instead of learning.

Just before I was born, my father became very sick because he didn’t care about his health. He had to stay in the hospital for 3 months, and though his family cared so much for him, there was nothing they could do. He was on the edge of death. Then as if by a miracle, he started to be better. He came back home to his loving family, and he became better.

Caring is something so important, but sometimes we need to relax, we need to not care every once in a while. I believe in not caring.