Hard Work

Elizabeth - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

This I Believe

It was the summer of 2000 and it was jammed packed with road trips to various colleges. My oldest sister was beginning her search for the perfect college. We pretty much covered the entire Midwest area. At the time, these boring tours with lots of walking and information thrown at you, they all meant nothing to me. Not paying attention, not understanding why she was putting so much time and research into this decision. She finally made the decision to go to the University of Wisconsin at Madison. What this meant to me was that I didn’t get to see her everyday, but weekend trips were definitely going to be taken.

After a few years of seeing both of my sisters going through the high school and college experience, along with a year and a half of my own experience in high school, I finally understood why they put so much hard work into their education. This I believe with hard work, you can achieve your goals. My older sister graduated college in four years, got a good job right out of college, and is in now in law school. My middle sister attends the Indiana University and is currently studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, something she always wanted to do.

These two role models have made me realize how important my education is. They both have achieved their goals, and are still working towards new ones. They have showed that if I put my mind and hard work towards anything, I can achieve it. Some goals that I have for myself is to get into my top pick choices of colleges. With that, I hope to get goods in school, and do well on the ACT. Also, after college, I hope to run my own business and be successful in whatever I do.

I strongly believe in the idea that with hard work, you will achieve your goal. Along with hard work, dedication and focusing on your goal is always needed. My sisters have been excellent role models for me, and I hope that I achieve my goals.