I believe in my friends

Margot - Charleston, South Carolina
Entered on February 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

From the moment we met as unsuspecting but excited college freshmen, I knew it was going to be an event. There was no way to guess the details, but it was clear. Five girls from five very different backgrounds. We started with such ferocity; we were bound to lose a few along the way. We partied hard and laughed harder. We can still laugh hard. But the five of us stuck with it, beginning to end, tempted to see how things would turn out.

Now, with graduation looming and the “remember when” stories starting, I have become surprisingly sentimental and plan to share it with everybody for some reason. But it’s true. I whole-heartedly believe in my friends. I believe they are destined for greatness in their own ways.

First there’s Kelly Moeller. The only one from here and the only one worthy. The girl is barely five-feet-tall but can drink most grown men under the table, only apologizing for her sloppy shag moves on the dance floor earlier. Freshman year, Kelly was the girl down the hall. When my potluck roommates, Ememophon and Paramita, were playing the music too loud or cooking the curry too much, I’d walk down to Kelly’s room for a good laugh. We are now professionals at the much-needed good laugh. Kelly was born and raised in Charleston and managed to break the expected chain. She made a new life for herself when she didn’t have to, and now she faces it again. I believe that Kelly is ready for what’s next.

Natalie Gordon knows what she wants. Always has, always will. Whether it’s deciding what to eat for lunch or where she’ll be in five years, there is no hesitation. And she’ll get it. Not because she’s spoiled but because she works hard and deserves it. She runs circles around me. Marathons. And sure, she works hard but don’t worry, she also plays hard. The first night I hung out with Natalie freshman year I thought, “This girl is unreal and possibly crazy. You can smile and wave as she passes, or you can hop on and improvise every step of the way with her.” Thank God I was drunk. We’ve been cruising along ever since. I believe that Natalie will succeed in whatever she puts her mind to in life. Twice.

Patrice Kiely is stronger than she’ll ever know. With stories and experiences professional writers can only dream of telling, Patrice is just living. She’s fully aware of the one-woman act and she knows her cues, but she also knows who she is and where she came from – even if it is the Jersey Shore. At the drop of a sequin hat, Patrice will cut the act and provide unwavering support to any friend who needs it. She doesn’t expect anything in return, maybe just a good laugh once and a while. I believe that Patrice Kiely will become a household name. For everybody else’s sake, it should.

Louisa Young is just beginning. Arriving fresh from Louisiana four years ago, she was almost contagious. There was something about the curls, the accent, and the overall excitement for life that sucked us in. Naïve, maybe, but she wasn’t worried about it so neither were we. I’ve watched Louisa work so hard the past four years, never settling for mediocrity in the biology lab or among her friends. With good intention, she has high expectations for each of us. I honestly think Louisa believes in me more than I believe in myself sometimes. Well, I believe that Louisa from Louisiana will be saving lives one day, in more ways than she’ll ever know.

And then there’s me. Just happy I found these four random girls who make me look good and keep me entertained. I guess I’m doing something right. I believe every word I wrote. I believe these girls are destined for greatness. I believe in my friends.