I believe in water

Caroline - dunwoody, Georgia
Entered on February 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

I believe in the strength of oceans, lakes, and rivers; the sanctity of rain, pools, and streams. I believe in the renewal of a bath, a sprinkler, a shower; the serenity of a baby pool, a water foundation, a puddle. I believe in the power of water.

Water has a sort of magnetism and people have a passion for it. Each year, millions of people pack into their tiny cars and drive countless hours just to catch a glimpse of the serene ocean. Personally, I love the feeling of freeness water gives me. I love the floating and flowing of my skin and hair and the weightlessness of the heavy world. I believe, as I hold my breath under the water, I truly escape reality.

I believe in water’s music, its ability to silence the world’s painful cries. And all of it is therapeutic; the sound of the raindrops beating on my windshield just as silent and as soothing as the trickling of the water foundation.

I believe in the healing power of water. The warm luxuriousness on my sore muscles as I climb into the hot tub or the humid steam circulating through my small lungs… it’s calming power relaxing my body. I believe water not only cleanses the body, but heals the soul. It’s a powerful raw feeling…to wash away the stress of the day. And as the water drips in and out of our pores, I believe it is relieving us.

Once I walked into my bathroom to find my mother standing over the sink, cupping the fresh faucet water in her hands and splashing it over her face. The water seemed to rejuvenate her, stripping away wrinkly years from my mother’s soft face until I stood -not looking at my mother, but a young girl. I believe in the calm after the storm, the flowers after the rain and I believe as we rise from the water, we are like a phoenix rising from the ashes… we are renewed.

The earth is made up of mostly water, us, too, are composed of it…then shouldn’t we, as inhabitants of the earth AND human beings attain the power, the peace, the sanctity of water? I believe we all have the power to relax our own bodies and rejuvenate our own minds. Most importantly I believe the peace and the power lies within ourselves.