You can do it if you really want to

Richard - San Diego, California
Entered on February 19, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

Every since I can remember I have had to overcome significant obstacles to accomplish any of the meaningful goals in my life. Of course I am not particularly special in this regard most of us have to work around something to get where we are going in life. I was born to educated successful parents who never divorced. I had the good fortune of living in the same home my entire childhood. I lived in an upper middle class neighborhood with excellent schools. So it wasn’t as if I had to overcome the circumstances of poverty or abusive parents to succeed but I did have my crosses to bear one of them being dyslexia.

Dyslexia is an interesting disorder because it varies so much in its severity. Those who have minor forms of the disability are annoyed by occasionally transposing numbers and having slower reading speeds. While folks like me with much more serious cases are so debilitated that we are unable to read, do mathematics, or play sports. My mother was told by school officials that I had the worst case of dyslexia they had ever seen. A learning disability is defined as a wide disparity between aptitude and performance. I had a high IQ but I couldn’t read or write, it was one of the most frustrating experiences that can be imagined. However, I had a father who loved me and encouraged me to never give up and develop persevere and determination. He taught me that no matter how grim the odds looked that I might not succeed to face my fears and accept the outcome. The point was to keep going to allow nothing and no one to discourage me from doing what I must to better myself.

This early introduction and intense imprinting of perseverance into my character has served me well by giving me a well spring of strength to draw upon when faced with adversity that would stop many others dead in their tracks. When I was twelve years old I was struck down by a rare infection in the bones that nearly killed me. I had a fever of 105 degrees for several days and was hospitalized for months. After a number of surgeries I began to recover but my doctors told me that I would perhaps never walk again. Not only did I walk but I played sports all the way into my first year of college. I did this all by persevering through the pain of physical therapy and the doubts of others to regain control of my health. Perseverance Is to continue on to accomplish import goals not withstanding terrific obstacles that may lay before us internally or externally the most difficult of the two being the ones inside. I am who I am today because I have the character quality of perseverance. This I believe!