I Believe in Pushing the Button at a Crosswalk Until I Can Cross

Amelia - Walnut Creek, California
Entered on February 19, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

When I was little, I used to push the button at the crosswalk until the little lighted man indicated that I could walk. As I grew older, this habit morphed itself into a belief. I believe in pushing the button until I can cross the street.

Sometimes, in life, the traffic light is already green by the time I get there, but there’s no little man there to tell me to go. All I see is a red hand of doubt. The dilemma then is; do I take this opportunity, or do I wait? The answer is usually to RUN. However, every so often the minute my toe touches the asphalt, the light goes yellow, I am then faced with two choices, pray that I don’t get hit by a car as I dash across, or wait. It is a gamble that presents itself in life always. Do I take this risk or do I patiently wait for my next chance? Sometimes the risk works and the reward is great . . . and sometimes I just end up looking like an impatient idiot running for her life across the road and potentially, preferably not, I end up in an accident with a failing lawsuit and some broken bones.

Sometimes when there’s no one to tell me to go, it’s just easier to be deceived and believe that the light soon will go red. Why? Because I’m scared to cross, I’m scared to take that chance. Of course, almost always, the light stays green for the exact amount of time it would take for me to cross it. I then stand there at the corner cursing myself for not taking that opportunity. However, no matter what, the light will turn green eventually so why worry? Actually, why even bother rushing? I believe in seizing every opportunity life gives me, but also in stopping and taking my time.