Power of Manifesting Love

Dana - Jamul, California
Entered on February 19, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe in the power of manifesting love. Love impacts lives, it brings hope to the hopeless, it cares and it opens one’s heart to another human being. Love can hurt, but its absence leaves one with no hope of life. Mother Teresa demonstrated love. She once said: “In your life, in mine, in the life of each of us, God has made us for bigger things. He has created us to love and to be loved….” Mother Teresa devoted her life to loving people. She believed that God created love in all of our hearts, that God made people with a great need to receive and express love. Mother Teresa shows us how we should love: “How do we love? Not in big things, but in small things with great love….” Often we feel that to express love for someone, we must do something extravagant, like giving them a thousand dollars. A thousand dollars may help them materially, but they may still lack emotionally that all-important love. The expression of love starts with a smile, a hug, or simply sitting down and spending time.

In my life I have been blessed with people who, at crucial times, manifested love to me. Those people were “Mother Teresas” to me. When I was sixteen my world turned up-side down. My parents divorced after twenty two years. My five siblings and I were separated. I went with my dad and my siblings went with my mom. I could not see past

the hurt and torn relationship that I felt between my family. It was at my lowest point that an incredible couple reached out and loved me back into hope.

I also thank God for allowing me to observe other “Mother Teresas”. At seventeen I went on a mission trip to the Philippines. There I visited an amazing systematic orphanage housing 120 children. The house parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rosmarino, were awesome “Mother Teresas” to all the kids. They shared some of the children’s stories, which were all examples of the power of love. Two year old Jeremiah had a particularly touching story. He was born with Down syndrome and only half a heart. Doctors gave him a week to live. His drug-addicted mother abandoned Jeremiah; because of this he was considered an orphan. The Rosmarinos felt moved to take him in. They said, “Every child deserves to die knowing that they were loved by someone.” Their medicine for Jeremiah was love. He is still alive and he is the happiest little boy I know. His smile is worth a thousand dollars. He is a living testimony to the power of love.

It is a fact: we all need “Mother Teresas” in our lives. The manifesting love that they display is like medicine; it has the power to heal. Love, daily, is the medicine that I need to keep me alive and well.