Those Who Wander

Masha - Walnut Creek, California
Entered on February 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I once saw a bumper sticker with a very intriguing quote – “Not all those who wander are lost”. Over time I realized that this saying is more than just a catchy play of words; it holds a deep meaning that I am able to connect to my life. I believe it is okay to be lost in the society’s standards, but feel right in place emotionally. I believe it is okay to wander.

So what exactly makes you stagger off the walked on asphalt into the dew of fresh grass? Most often it is a wish to put faith in a goal or idea that everybody else rejects. I believe in standing up for your opinion, even if you are doing it alone. Staying on the path designed for you would be a smarter decision, but you should follow your heart instead of your brain. Passion throws all logical reasoning out the window, but it drives you to accomplish you goals. You will never be lost as long as you have your own opinion – you will only be wandering.

Building your own path can apply to almost everything – career choices, hobbies, and insights on life. I am too wandering through the grass with no obligation to return to the asphalt. I show interest in things that are sinister and out of this world. My drawings, stories and the music I listen to are able to depress my family within a couple of minutes. It is hard to explain why I enjoy the element of darkness so much. It is not because I am not happy, it is actually the opposite. Edgar Allan Poe once said “Yet the terror was not fright but a tremulous delight”. I feel that I can agree with him. Wearing black and listening to music you would call disturbing makes me feel optimistic. Is it as wrong and ridiculous as everybody else thinks, or is it just a new opinion? Am I lost? No, I am just wandering. Unfortunately, wandering comes with consequences. In school I am showered with hails of “emo”, “goth” and sometimes “living dead girl”. Also I am constantly pestered by my family and relatives, even if they do it out caring. But if they bothered to look past my image they would see how peaceful I feel inside. One major pro outweighs all the cons. I feel happy the way I am and I refuse to change for somebody else’s satisfaction. If they disapprove, it is their problem – everybody is entitled to their own opinion and to their own path.

As long as it does not hurt anybody, you should trust yourself to follow the calling in your heart, no matter how insane. You should also respect the insights of others, because you are not the only who has them. I believe it is okay to be the black sheep or the little green alien stuck on earth. I believe it is okay to wander. Eventually, you will find your way back into space.