Focus on the present, not the past

Stu - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on February 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Wherever you go these days, there are people that bring up past people who already did something to make them a “hero”, weather it is in school, family, or mostly sports. Parents always give the phrase “Well, your brother did that, so you should too” or “He ran this fast at this meet, why can’t you do that?” I find it quite annoying when coaches are bringing up what old athletes used to do. They try to compare us to them and wonder why we can’t do what they did. Athletes on teams are trying to make a name for them-selves but coaches insist on bring up old athletes. I believe that coaches should focus on the present and not the past.

Everyday people are reminded of others’ greatness. It could be from other kids in the sport, but it’s mostly from the coaches. They think it’s important to learn from the past. But that is why it’s called the past, it already happened. We are here now in the present trying to do the best of our ability to be one of those who get remembered. For instance, once in a while (and when I mean once in a while, I mean twice a week!) our coach will bring up old runners who were great. When will they know that it was 5 years ago and we are here now in the present? I believe coaches should look at what they have now in the present than what they use to have back in the past. Living in the past will get you no where in the future. You cannot go back and revisit the past. That is why there are cameras.

Coaches might think it is motivation to try to achieve what the past kids have gotten. In fact, they are way off. Kids go through so much in the lives and the last thing they need is to be compared to someone who played 5 years ago. A good way to remember the past is taking a picture, it’ll last longer.