I believe in non violence

david - baltimore, Maryland
Entered on February 18, 2008
Age Group: 65+

As I sat in my cell at Lewisburg Federal, with Father Phil Berrigan, because I had protested the Vietnam War, did I know that I was sharing it with an American prophet?

We think of Martin Luther King as a prophet and even have a day off to remember him- and my room mate shared a belief with Dr. King- in non violence.

Could I foresee the day when I would be writing to “This I believe” and wondering whether they could handle such a message? Not really. 76 words

You say to avoid sermons? How can one do that and talk about “what one believes”? Do you mean, cloak what you believe in some kind of parable- make it palatable in some way? 100

It seemed like “This I believe” was trying to avoid the controversial, or anything too strong.

I try to be consistent on violence- opposing the death penalty, abortion and war- I see it as a Christian thing- and I don’t think those who believe otherwise should not claim to be Christians. Christians should work for non-violence. 157 They should listen to the “Sermon on the Mount”. I think it’s fundamental.

Take some other issues: a gun is a tool but opposed to a knife it is that much more lethal- !

Responsible gun owners have no problem with the strictest of controls

More deaths occur by accidental use of guns in the home than ever occur with gun owning or carrying persons shooting criminals. 221

If Illinois or Virginia had tighter gun laws, a mentally disturbed person might have been stopped- and yet they, as we, refuse to make the necessary changes-and it’s NEVER discussed.

A legislative committee in Virginia went ahead recently and voted AGAINST closing gun show loop holes- what does that tell you about politicians and American males? 278

I really do blame American men- and i’m one of them who grew up w guns- just that then i was a child- now i’m an adult.

Do you have gun dealers in your state or on the internet who are directly responsible for murders committed by the guns they sell- yet no one does anything about them? have you tightened gun show loop holes? Who can purchase guns in your state?

I even blame the pople who make guns!! I’m that logical! but you will never hear this point of view aired in this country- a gun loving violent country from the start

We should not be “shocked” by an Illinois- and it will happen again. (It’s February 2008 as I write).

If you are in favor of life, if you love life- these beliefs come easily. They affect almost every issue- from protecting the environment from polluters to opposing giant war budgets.

If you do not raise these questions I feel you are just part of the problem. This I Believe needs to pick stronger beliefs if it is to have an impact.