Joey - Walnut Creek, California
Entered on February 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever not tried at something because you didn’t care how the out come would be, but in the end you realized you should have made the best out of it and given 110%? I believe that if you don’t try then you wont succeed. When you give 110% good things tend to happen. “Practice makes perfect.” My 6th grade football would tell us this during every practice. He would also tell us that if we practice 110% then when game time comes you will be giving 110%.

Almost every day I wish I could go back and change something I did or did not do. From saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to giving more effort at football practice. I understand that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes and we usually learn from them. I realized my mistake in 2008. After football season ended I began to miss it and I used to think back on everything I could have done to be more successful. I had a couple of good games and a couple of bad games. The game I was most proud of was our game against College Park. I was waiting for this game since the season began because I grew up in Pleasant Hill playing with these kids in Pop Warner. I had a pair of touchdowns and a couple good collisions with some old friends. Even though we ended up losing this game I still had a smile on my face after the game because I knew I played my heart out on the field. On top of not having the football season I wanted to have, my report card wasn’t that good. I ended up not only disappointing myself but also my mom. Every year she told me to work hard in school and to always try my best. Last semester I was lazy and wasn’t focused on school or anything I should I have been. That’s why for 2008 I am dedicated on trying my best in school and sports.

“You wont succeed unless you try”. I know I love going home and knowing I tried hard at something whether it was a test or a simple math worksheet. It makes me feel good inside and that’s why I believe that you should always give 110%.