Chance It!

Emily - walnut creek, California
Entered on February 18, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Chance It!

Who ever said taking risks was a bad idea? Taking risks is one of the building blocks of how the world came to be what it is today. Without risks, no one would have invented things we use all the time today because they were too scared. Sure, sometimes risks don’t result in exactly what you had hoped but I believe taking a chance can help you experience things in your life your never would have without taking that risk. Even if it’s not for the best, at least you aren’t left wondering what the outcome could have been. Everyday everyone takes chances without even knowing it. For instance, today, I took a chance deciding to write this paper on this selected topic and until I get my grade back, I won’t know if this risk was for the better.

If no one took risks could you even imagine what the world would be like? What if Thomas Edison was too scared to try to invent the light bulb? Or if Jackie Robinson was too afraid of what people would say when he, by himself, started the change of people’s views of blacks in baseball. I also believe that without the risks I have taken in my own life, my life would be totally dull.

This year as a new freshman, it was pretty intimidating to run for a vice president position because in the leadership class I and the other three freshman officers would be the youngest. So I gave it some thought, and decided to run. I ended up becoming the vice president but without that risk I took, I never would have found that going to leadership is most of the time the high light of my school day and I love it. That is just one example of a positive outcome for me, but like everyone else, I have taken a risk that didn’t end so happily.

A few months ago I had my ipod in my backpack and during PE and I didn’t lock it in my locker. I had thought, “No one will steel it” but when I looked for it my next period, it wasn’t there. I knew I took a chance with not locking it up but I learned from my mistake and moved on. So even though the chance I took didn’t end the way I wanted it to, I figure that I now know a new lesson that without the risk, I never would have known.

I have always been told to do what I want to do, use good judgment, and take a chance at being the best I can be. Listening to this advice wants me to pursue taking risks using my good judgment and looking forward to the outcome whether it be good or bad. I believe in taking unexpected chances everyday.